Cornwallis Park Master Plan

Cornwallis Park Development Association (CPDA) began operation in 1994 when CFB Cornwallis closed. CPDA worked with other organizations to sell the existing housing and attract businesses to the Park, while retaining the buildings required for the HMCS Acadia Cadets.

Since 2002 CPDA has operated as Annapolis Basin Conference Centre (ABCC), hosting the Cadets during the summer, and offering Conferences and Events during the shoulder seasons when the Cadets were not onsite.

The number of Cadets has decreased in recent years and ABCC facilities are no longer required for Cadet Training. It’s time to redevelop the property and a Master Plan has been created to guide this process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The vision is to create a complete community that includes a diverse housing mix with supporting commercial and some office integration. The envisioned housing mix includes single family, 2-unit, townhomes, and apartment units. The intent is to accommodate a range of incomes, age groups, cultural groups, locals, and newcomers. Green spaces and recreational facilities are also a part of the Plan.
The intent is to include both affordable and market units.

ABCC owns over twenty buildings in Cornwallis and Annapolis Royal. Most of the buildings in Cornwallis are on the western side of Broadway Avenue, below Highway #1.

Building condition assessments are planned. While it may not be practical to reuse all buildings, the intent is to repurpose as many buildings as feasible.

This building continues to be used for administration, and it is expected that it will be developed into apartments at a future date.

The buildings that are suitable for pickleball have no source of heat.

There are no immediate plans for the sale of land and buildings but that may change. ABCC may work with developers to repurpose some buildings while selling other buildings or land to developers who will then create developments that fit within Master Plan guidelines.

The amount of excess equipment and furniture is surprisingly small. HMCS Acadia owned most of the equipment they used (such as boats, electronics, instruments) and that has all been removed. Much of what remains was military surplus to begin with, including items such as steel bunks, lockers, stacking chairs, and wooden desks. We are currently determining the best combination of selling, donating, or otherwise disposing of these items.

Most of the buildings can only be used in the summer as they have no heat. There are no self-contained units with kitchens on the property.

ABCC is a not-for-profit organization. The Master Plan is designed in phases with each sale and/or completed development helping to finance the next phase. A development of this size will take many years.

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